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Guillaume Dufay - Missa Sancti Jacobi

Sacred music from 15th-century France, Italy and Netherlands

Project performed in 2010 in collaboration with the Knabenkantorei Basel.

Detailed information upon request.

A musical homage to the Franco-Flemish master with a choir of boys and instruments.

Picture: Anonymous 14th-century Italy,

Miniature in Tacuinum Sanitatis, "Aspetti di vita quotidiana,

Canto in chiesa". Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Austria.

Line-up: 6 musicians + boys-choir

- 3 vocal soloists

- portative organ

- medieval fiddle

- slide trumpet

- boys-choir



- Guillaume Dufay



- liturgical Music

- motets

- angels choir

- boys- choir

- France

- Burgundy

- Italy 

- 15th-century



Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 6.48.01 PM.png
Mother and Child, Genurt Marias, Salzbur

Servir Antico

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