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L'Art des Mus(é)es / 

The Art of the Muse(um)s


When Renaissance artworks come alive through musical stories.

Catalina Vicens and Thierry Crepin Leblond, director of the National Museum of the Renaissance (France), present a musical and historical journey at the Château d'Écouen.

Can a museum artwork come alive?


Servir Antico believes it can—through music!


With "Art des Mus(é)es," or "Art of the Muse(um)s," Servir Antico explores the synergy between art and music during the Renaissance in an immersive experience. This project unveils the stories behind artworks and historical sites, offering a live soundtrack to selected artworks displayed in museums through a carefully curated program of historical and contemporary compositions.

In a pilot project, the first co-production with the Festival Baroque de Pontoise, Servir Antico explores the historical spaces of the Château d'Écouen, a castle built during the reign of François I and now home to the National Museum of the Renaissance. The concept draws inspiration from the muses of mythology, who were believed to inspire creativity and knowledge.

Servir Antico

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