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The Sforza Hours - 2 / 'In Principio...'

The 'Sforza Hours' doesn't cease to delight with its vibrant colors, cute animals and fascinating instruments.

After the 1st post showing some of the musical scenes and other curious images of this book (February 21, 2017), I post here some images that show the variety and diversity of specimens that the Sforza family must have been acquainted with during the turn of the 16th century. Not only suggestive bunnies and cats, but also precious birds, ferrets and leopards adorn the religious text. Not lesser is the variety of instruments depicted here: diverse types of lute and rebecs, fiddles and psalteries; a wealth of wind instruments including possibly an early type cornetto (?!) and a pan flute, a pair of kettle drums and a hammered dulcimer. Even, a boys' choir is surrounding virgin Mary and drums announce the crucification of Jesus.

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