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The Flute & Drum stories of the Spiezer Chronik

Do you know the famous children's book 'Where's Wally'? If you do, you'll find this similar, but instead of finding the man with the striped shirt, you've got to find the flute and the drum. Not that difficult in this selection, though.

These two musicians are everywhere: in midst of wars, burning cities, praying at church, 'dressed like' bears, rescuing captive ladies...and they are doing so always with a smile. As one leaves through the Chronic of the foundings of the Confoederatio Helvetica (Switzerland) by Diebold Schilling the Elder of Bern during the 1480s, one can admire how fashion and armors developed in time, yet it is remarkable that the smiles of these musicians seem to be untouched and more effective than any bellic technology.

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