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The City of Ladies


A musical praise to women, with text by Christine de Pizan and Martin Le Frank and musical works by composers of the 15th century Burgundy and France.

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In this program, we want to tell you about a revolutionary woman from the Renaissance, Christine de Pizan (1364 - ca.1430), who questioned the place, role and treatment that society had given to women for centuries. Whereas many men harshly criticized her, we want also to tell you about a man who championed her cause. This is the poet Martin Le Franc, who defended Christine, and with his work 'Le Champion des Dames', he brought awareness to the importance of women as active and multifaceted citizens in history.

In this book dedicated to the Burgundian duke Philip the Good, Martin le Franc (ca. 1410 – 1460) tells the story of women from Antiquity to the present day. Governors, lawyers, warriors, muses, artists, musicians and poets are part of the many women whose story was often forgotten and left in oblivion by historians. 


In this defense of womankind, he also describes the arts in society, where music and rhetoric had reached its greatest perfection through the works of various 15th-century musicians, especially of those at the court of Burgundy. They also tell about women from a different perspective. Not only divine, be she is an active agent and an inspiration for composers like Dufay, Binchois, Solage and Grenon. 



Michaël Grébil Liberg - voice, fiddle, cetera and narration

Lieselot De Wilde - voice

Dina König- voice

Coline Dutilleul voice and narration

Nolwenn Le Guern - fiddle

Catalina Vicens - organetto, clavisimbalum and direction


Dufay, Binchois, Solage, Tapissier, Ghiselin





-Love songs

-Women in music













Now, we want to invite all of you, and especially men, to tell us about a woman that you admire and who inspires you. A woman important in your life, a woman important to our history.


Your contributions, in any language, are going to be shared in a virtual book on Servir Antico’s website, and a selection of these texts will be musicalized and presented as part of our future concerts.

For participating in our project 


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